I grew up in a multicultural, multilingual home. My mother is American and my father, Italian-Argentine. Languages and cultural diversity were always a part of my life. Throughout my childhood, I communicated with my mother in English and with my father in Spanish. We traveled around the world as part of our routine; apart from frequent trips to Europe and the United States, I lived in Santa Barbara (California, USA), Tübingen (Germany), Paris (France) and as an adult, in New York city for 2 years.

After completing high school at Lenguas Vivas school, and before obtaining my certificate as a conference interpreter at the CETI in 2008, I studied Art History at the UBA, music at the EMPA, and took non-credit courses at The New School University in New York. While studying, I taught private English lessons in companies and worked as a telephonic interpreter, before beginning my career as a freelance translator and conference interpreter in a wide range of topics.

Translation could be defined as conveying understanding. I believe my educational background and work experience have provided me with versatility and an ability to understand many cultural backgrounds and a wide range of accents. This allows for a clear transmission of the message, reflecting a thorough comprehension of the subject matter.

The services I provide include simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, liaison, whispering and escort interpreting. In the CONFERENCES and TRANSLATIONS sections, you can obtain information on past interpreting events and translations.